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Local, simplified

Are you looking for a website and app that will empower you to explore a wide range of local food?


Navore Market

Our mission is to create an online marketplace that connects you to local food and the community that makes it possible.

Coming early 2024 to San Diego County

Group of Cheerful Friends Having Wine at Party

join us.

Enjoy what you love about shopping locally: a chance to connect with producers who offer products to cultivate the mindful, healthy life you deserve.

Browse unique items, recipes that go along, real farm photos, and news you can’t miss. Choose from nearby pick up or delivery options. So, you can bring local food and its story home.

Build sales.

share your story.

cultivate a community.

The local favorite.

Join Navore Market and unlock a world of delicious possibilities. Support the incredible producers who bring fresh, sustainable, and flavorful food to your table.

Purple cabbage
Fresh produce

[nuh - vor]


the Old Norse prefix for "near"


suffix meaning "one who eats"

Become a tester

Together, let's create the perfect platform that will revolutionize the way we shop and support our beloved San Diego producers.

Join as a producer

Use Navore Market to fill in that one missing piece or upgrade your entire operation.

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